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Friends of JEF has been initiated by a group of former JEF activists from different places in Europe in order to bring together a network to keep its members in touch with each other and to provide support for today’s JEF. It brings together a group of people who spent time in JEF and want to keep in contact or get back in touch with each other.



Friends of JEF gathering in Berlin, 13 June 2015

Dear friends and federalists,

it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the next Friends of JEF gathering in Berlin on Saturday, 13 June 2015. As usual we will have the main event on Saturday with an internal debate, a reception and dinner. On Friday and Sunday we will also arrange for some socials and drinks.

Follow this link for the detailed programme, the registration and further infomration. Registration is open until 19 May.

Please come and join us in Berlin!

Annual assembly 2014

Dear Friends of JEF,

we would like to invite you to the 4th General Assembly of Friends of JEF e.V. on 13 December 2014 at 17.00 in Brussels. The meeting takes place at the venue of the UEF FC in Brussels. We would kindly ask you to confirm your participation by completing this form before 10 December.

We expect the meeting to be rather short.

In the evening we plan to gather for (informal) dinner and drinks. If you like to join us for that, please also fill out the same form above. The venue will be communicated by email a few days before the meeting.

Opens internal link in current windowClick here for more information .

Friends of JEF general assembly held in Brussels

The 3rd General Assembly of Friends of JEF e.V. was held in Brussels on 14 July 2013 following the occasion of the Friends of JEF reunion.

Members reviewed the activities of the organisation, accepted some minor statute changes and elected a new board (with mostly known faces).

The new board for the period 2013-5 is headed by Jan Seifert (president JEF-Europe 2005-7). Paolo Vacca (president JEF-Europe 1999-2001) and Till Burckhardt (former JEF-Europe treasurer) serve as Vice-Presidents and Philippe Adriaennsens (president JEF-Europe 2009-11) as well as Pauline Gessant (current president JEF-Europe) as board members.

The new board pledged to consolidate the administrative functioning of the organisation and build up a database of JEF alumni to reach out between JEF generations and gain more members.

Update on Friends of JEF reunion on 13 July 2013 in Brussels

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the next reunion of former JEF activists on Saturday, 13 July 2013 in Brussels.

The event is confirmed and we expect a great weekend with some good debates about politics if nothing else :)

Please find the updated programme Initiates file downloadhere and the access map Initiates file downloadhere. More updates on the event will follow in the coming weaks by email to those registered (and on this website). Please also follow the Friends of JEF through this website and our Opens external link in new windowFacebook page.

New Friends of JEF board elected

At their assembly in Leuven in April 2012 the members of Friends of JEF elected their new bureau for the coming two years. The main task for the new bureau is to organise a gathering of former activists in the summer of 2013.

The new board is comprised of Jan Seifert (president JEF-Europe 2005-7) as president, Paolo Vacca (president JEF-Europe 1999-2001) and Till Burckhardt (former JEF-Europe treasurer) as Vice-Presidents as well as Silke Kaul (former JEF-Europe VP), Nathalie Lasner (former JEF-Europe VP) and Philippe Adriaennsens (president JEF-Europe 2009-11) and the JEF president and Secretary General.

The incoming board thanked Rainer Giesel and the outgoing board for their efforts in establishing the friends of JEF association in Berlin.

Friends of JEF is a registered association

On 7th May 2009, the official founding act of Friends of JEF e.V. took place at Paulinenhof in Berlin. This followed the longstanding unofficial existence of the association with many members from across Europe.

Though registered in Germany, the association will be working with members from all JEF sections across Europe. The main objective of the association is to improve the networking of former JEF members as well as to setup a members’ database and will further function as a basis for today’s JEF network across Europe.

16 former JEF members took part in the foundation act, partly represented by delegating their voice to another person. The new board is led by Rainer B. GIESEL (Berlin) as president; the two vice-presidents are Nathalie LASNIER (Paris) and Joan Marc SIMON (Brussels/Barcelona). The board further includes Dries CALLENS (Brussels) as treasurer and Jan SEIFERT (Pinneberg). The JEF president Philippe Adriaenssens and secretary general (Ruben Loodts) are ex-officio members of the board.

Last Friends of JEF meeting was in July 2009 in Paris

Dear friends,

The last unofficial FoJ meeting took place on 4th July 2009 in and around Paris. It was kicked-off with a visit and tour at the Jean Monnet House near Paris. This will be followed by a dinner buffet. After that the group of around 30 former activists returned to Paris and joined the Parisian night life. On Sunday a Seine tour by boat was underatken.


Join our Friends of JEF Groups

Stay in touch with the Friends of JEF by joining our groups in the various social networks or follow us on Twitter. We will also try to keep this website as updated as possible.

Here is an overview of our various Friends of JEF groups:

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Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterXING : Friends of JEF Group

Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen FensterPlaxo : Friends of JEF Group

Opens external link in new windowMeinVZ: Friends of JEF Group

Opens external link in new windowLinkedIn : Friends of JEF Group


If there are social networks in which we are not present - and you think we should join them - please contact Jan Seifert or another member of the board.

Friends of JEF Meeting Berlin 2007

Watch out for Kim's picture show of our meeting in Berlin!

Do you have other photos? Please send it to

JEF in the Historical Archives of the EU

JEF Europe's documents have been archived for a very long time at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. You can find them at the Historical Archives of the European Union - with the inventory list at wwwarc.eui.eu/pdfinv/inv-jef.pdf

During the mid-2000s Francois-Xavier Lafféach was a PhD student in history at the EUI and he wrote his PhD about the history of JEF. His contact details can be obtained upon request.

Inform us where you are and what you do! The easiest way is to register, please click here!

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